Memberships - Unlimited Reservations - Unlimited Custom Waivers - Unlimited Powerful Lane Management
FREE 30 Day Trial No Contract/Cancel Anytime No Registration/Setup Fees No Service or Booking Fees



  • Unlimited Members
  • Automatic Payments to YOUR Account
  • Member Portal for your Customers
  • Membership Use Tracking
  • Member Only Range Capable
Member Portal


  • Reservations 24/7 Online
  • Full Control on Availability
  • Website Integration
  • Reservations Verified via SMS/Email
  • Plan Future Staffing
Member Portal


  • Unlimited Waivers (Shooting Range, Archery, Archery Tag)
  • Unlimited Waiver Signatures
  • Minors Support
  • Custom Waiver Questions
  • Kiosk/Tablet Friendly
Member Portal


  • Add, Extend, Move, and Remove from Range
  • Waiting List
  • Self-Service Kiosk with Auto Assignment
  • Spend less time managing your Range
Member Portal



Let us manage time so you don't have to.


Pricing is based on one store location. Register and mange your subscription online.
For more than 1 location give us a call, and we can discuss package options.

  • 30 Day Trial

    • Unlimited Lane Management
    • Waiting List
    • Phone or In-Person Reservations
    • TV Display Use
    • Electronic Waivers
    • Analytics
  • RangePro Basic

    $50 / Month
    • Unlimited Lane Management
    • Waiting List
    • Phone or In-Person Reservations
    • TV Display Use
    • Electronic Waivers
    • Analytics
  • RangePro Premium

    $125 / Month
    • Unlimited Lane Management
    • Waiting List
    • Online Reservations
    • TV Display Use
    • Electronic Waivers
    • Analytics
    • Self-Service
    • Online Memberships
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No. Subscriptions are month-to-month with zero obligation. If you are not happy with our service, we encourage you to let us know what we can do better but you are free to cancel any time.

No. Your monthly membership is all that RangePro receives. If you are using Stripe in conjunction with RangePro, they will charge a standard per transaction fee for your online memberships. Please see Stripe's Pricing for more information.

We have years of experience building applications at low cost. Instead of having excessive margins, we want to pass the savings off to you. We are a small business too and understand how difficult it is to manage costs!

We use and trust Stripe. They are secure and are certified to the highest levels of PCI compliance. To use our online memberships, a Stripe account is required and does not require any additional monthly costs. Please see Stripe's Pricing for more information.

We setup everything for you and typically we will provide you with the complete setup within 24 hours. If you wish to complete the setup on your own, it will depend on the level of customization. Typically you can get started in less than an hour. Ranges that require very detailed control over memberships or reservations may take a little longer. In any case, we can take care of the setup for you at no additional cost!

Yes. Membership usage is tracked per customer and can be used to inform you on the amount of range time your members are using. This typically can be used to determine the right pricing for your monthly and yearly memberships.

Yes. You can control how many reservations per hour your employees can make, members can make and public customers can make, each independently. You can even lock down the range to only allow reservations for members. Additionally, you can control the number of reservations per day members can make and the maximum amount of time that can be reserved.

With Waivers, the legal agreement can be any text and language, but additionally, you can add any number of questions with a Yes/No answer or Text Input. Each waiver will ask your customer if they are signing for a minor, and if so, will capture their information all in one form.


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